The Sani Sport Difference

So, you have finally made the decision; your program is going to invest in a machine to reduce the bacteria and viruses from your players’ equipment. The only issue is, since Covid-19, the market has been flooded with knockoffs, sprayers and other alternative methods that just don’t get the job done. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Sani Sport has been in business for over 20 years now and even though our technology, lab results, certifications are different from our competitors; the way we manufacture our machines might be the biggest differentiator. At the end of the day, Sani Sport exists because we build quality products; and the way we control our quality is through our manufacturing practices. In the blog below, we listed the four major advantages of in-house manufacturing. That’s right, we build everything under our own roof!

Quality Control

We will begin with the first and most obvious advantage, quality control. Having our own factory allows our team to oversee the manufacturing process from A-Z. And while quality is important, being able to maintain that quality over an extended period of time (20 plus years at this point) is just as important. At Sani Sport we are laser focused on quality and consistency. Every machine that we ship, is built by experienced Sani Sport employees, all of whom are extremely detail oriented. With over 40 quality assurance checkpoints and tests, nothing leaves our factory without passing our required checklist. If we outsourced our manufacturing, we might be able to build quality machines here and there, but the consistency of our quality would not be attainable, nor realistic.

An essential component of our business is shipping, not just making sure we ship machines to the appropriate location but how we ship our machines. We take shipping & packaging seriously as we understand our customers are putting their trust in us and our machines. The last thing anyone would want is to receive a damaged machine. Anyone that has ever received one of our machines understands our quality control measures as soon as they see the packaged machines. We skid the machines to protect the wheels, that combined with…I’ll save some words here, see picture below. The idea is for our customers to always receive their machines in great condition.

Lead Times

Things you would never hear when speaking with a Sani Sport employee:

1. I’m not sure what our lead times are now.
2. We can’t meet your deadline for the shipment.
3. I’m not sure when your machine will ship.
4. We don’t have that piece in stock.
5. We’re not able to ship to your city.

The point is, when you have a vertically integrated business, you gain control and when the stakes are high; clear and concise answers are usually appreciated.

Customer Service

This may have been mentioned in a previous post but when it comes to customer service, there are no live chats with automated robots, you call our phone number, and you speak with a Sani Sport employee. I know it doesn’t sound like much but when time is of the essence, people seem to value it. To add to that, we don’t need to ever schedule calls with our customers and technicians, when a customer has a question, they call us, and they are able to speak directly with the men and women who built their machine; the people that know the machines better than anyone else. We don’t have customer service representatives or sales associates troubleshooting, we have the builders.

Scenario: you show up to your locker room, load the machine with helmets, close the doors and realize that one of the knobs is missing on the machine. It seems strange to you, you’re not really sure how it happens; did it fall off? Did someone take it? Regardless of how and why, you need to get it fixed and you need it done quickly. Luckily for you, we keep spare parts of every item. All you need to do is call us and we can ship you a new piece. You don’t need to call a different number for customer service, then submit a ticket and wait processing times, and you definitely won’t have to source a knob from a foreign country or third party.


This is what we like to refer to as the cherry on top (la crème de la crème – for our French customers). We are currently working on developing two new products, which is quite exciting for us here at Sani Sport HQ. Having our own factory allows us to innovative at much faster speeds than if we outsourced manufacturing.
A cool story here involves a time when the Philadelphia Eagles called us up one day and said, “we love the Supreme unit but with hundreds of sets of football equipment, it’s just not big enough for us.” Thus, the Double machine was created, and done so within weeks. Having our own factory provides a level of flexibility that is simply unmatched by others in the market.

If you have made it this far; a) thank you for reading and b) if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out, that’s what we are here for. We hope by now, you see how serious we are about building quality products and providing exceptional service. Until next post…

– The Sani Sport Team

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