Top 4 Reasons to Choose Sani Sport

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Top 4 reasons to choose Sain Sport

If you have read any of our other blogs, you should know that we do not like to waste any time. So, if you are debating on buying or using one of our machines and you are wondering, “why should I trust Sani Sport?” – keep reading, we’ll cover it in this post. For over 20 years people have trusted and still to this day, continue to trust Sani Sport. In the blog below, you will read about four main components that separate Sani Sport from the rest of the industry.


In terms of who we are and what we do, it’s simple; we’re builders. The reason manufacturing is number one on our list is because the entire Sani Sport company is based around these machines and regardless of which machine you purchase or use, they are all being built in our own factory. Having our own factory allows us to oversee every step of the process; from assembly, to electrical, to shipping; every Sani Sport machine ships from our head office here in Montreal, Canada.

The second major benefit of having our own factory is that we are able to control our lead times. If you need a machine immediately because of an emergency protocol, Sani Sport can supply it. If you are looking for an update on your shipment, your sales rep will just need to walk a few short steps into the factory to get you that update. If we need to ship you a replacement part, there is no need to wait weeks on end, we have replacement parts in stock at all times and can overnight shipments.

Independent lab studies

Now that you know we take the manufacturing of the machines seriously, you must be wondering, how do I know this technology is effective? I thought you’d never ask! Over that last several decades we have performed independent lab studies with some of the most prestigious medical labs throughout North America. Cornell University performed an extensive study on our machines throughout the pandemic. For more information on the study, check it out here; Sani Sport machine becomes focal point of Cornell Covid-19 Study.  If the Cornell study is not enough for you, check out our lab results page on our website for more information.

Customer service

When a company manufactures their own products, they can service them in a completely different manner than those that outsource. Before we get there, whether it is sales support or technical support, you will always be able to contact a HUMAN at Sani Sport. This might sound odd but how many times have you needed customer support only to be put through an automated online chat or a lengthy voicemail system that ends with, “for more information, please visit our website.” That has never and will never be the case here at Sani Sport.

The other major component to our customer service ties into what I mentioned earlier, our factory. When it comes to advanced technical support, we have our factory employees help with troubleshooting. Our factory members know the machines better than anyone in the world and they are a major component of our customer service as they are available through phone or video calls. With over 20 years of experience in building these machines, they have seen and solved every hiccup imaginable.

Our reputation

Before buying any product, not just Sani Sport, I urge you to ask around. I know it sounds simple but do your homework. Do your best to find out a list of their current customers, speak with people that have used the product, make sure to do your due diligence. Being in business for over 21 years doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because of the first three reasons above, quality builds, efficacy and how you treat people. I’ll end this post with a little insight; we haven’t gotten into over 85% of NHL, NFL & CFL locker rooms because of our marketing strategy. We’ve gotten in because people talk; good, bad, or indifferent, people always talk.

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