The Breakdown: Supreme – Double – VE

Thank you for stopping by the blog section of our website, we’ll do our best to keep this as short and as sweet as possible. We’ll go over which machines are best for certain scenarios and we’ll do our best to fit you with the appropriate machine throughout this post.

The Supreme

The Supreme is a two-door cabinet that runs a 12-minute cycle. All the shelves are removable, and this is our most sold machine. In terms of size, you can fit about 18 Advanced Combat Helmets or two sets of hockey equipment in one cycle. Compared to the Double unit, the Supreme is far more mobile and significantly lighter.

The Supreme is used to reduce bacteria and viruses in sports, military, law enforcement and miscellaneous items.

The Double

The Double unit has the same great technology as the Supreme, just twice the size. The cycle length of the Double is 16 minutes, instead of the 12-minute cycle in the Supreme. In terms of capacity, you are looking at roughly 36 combat helmets or 4 sets of hockey equipment. The Double unit comes on four caster wheels, like the Supreme, but it requires a bit more effort to move the machine around. Customers generally go with the Double machine for any of the following reasons.

  • They are short on time.
  • They are short on staff.
  • They have tons of equipment.

The Add-Ons (for the cabinets)

The Drimax

The Drimax can be added to either the Supreme or the Double without increasing the time duration of the cycle. Without a Drimax, however your equipment goes into the machine is how it will come out (i.e., if it goes in dry it will come out dry). With the Drimax, if your equipment goes in with some moisture it will come out dry.

Hanger Rod

Do you have ballistic vests or something that needs to be hung as opposed to laid out on the shelves? Our reinforced hanger rods might be the perfect solution for your needs.

The VE

The VE machine sits in its own category. When the focus shifts from specific items to enclosed areas and rooms at large, it’s time for the VE. The VE is portable, easy to use and extremely effective. The VE is generally used in locker rooms, waiting areas, offices, gyms, weight rooms and more. It comes with a travel case and can be customized for cycle lengths of 15-280 minutes.

If you are still not sure which machine would best suit your needs, feel free to reach out today and we’ll do our best to help.

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