Sports Equipment Cleaning by Sani Sport
US Hockey
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Sani Sport is the most efficient process for significantly reducing bacteria in protective gear and athletic equipment

The Sani Sport equipment cleaning technology is used by the NHL, NFL, CFL and Major League Baseball for their equipment cleaning needs

Sani Sport significantly reduces harmful bacteria, including anti-biotic resistant superbug MRSA, in a short twelve minute cycle.

The Sani Defenx equipment sanitizing machine is used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Canadian Military and various other defense and law enforcement agencies.

The Sani Defenx technology significantly reduces bacteria and foul odors from protective equipment.

The Sani Defenx System will extend the life cycle of tactical gear and other defensive items.

Sani-Sport ozone cleaning machine featured on Terry Bradshaw’s
“Today in America”

Sani Sport is the ONLY sport ozone cleaning machine in the industry with third party safety certifications from UL and CE

Sports Equipment Cleaning by Sani Sport
  • "The Sani Sport technology is truly impressive, it can revolutionize the industry."

    Steve Hatz Petros
    Vice president
    National Hockey League

  • "Sani Sport is the most effective way to treat our equipment."

    Red Batty
    Head Equipment Manager
    Green Bay Packers

  • "Sani Sport is by far the best for our equipment and our players, it’s the only machine we would use."

    Pierre Gervais
    Head Equipment Manager
    Montreal Canadiens

  • "We studied the various benefits and weaknesses of the various systems out there, and we found the Sani Sport to be the safest and most suitable for our football program."

    Chip Robertson
    Head Equipment Manager
    University of Texas

  • "The Sani Sport is great. It does wonders for our gear and our staff have come to rely on it's unique technology"

    Dean Peach
    Department of National Defense Canada

  • "We are very pleased with the product and it's benefit for our athletes"

    Mike Bertsch
    Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, USA Hockey

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sports equipment cleaningfootball equipment cleaningmilitary equipment cleaning